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Hi guys! I`v just bought my new pc and i connected it to Creative inspire p380 but when i am in games i have strange noises nowhere else.... that bothers me when i play it with my headphones its ok but when i use the 2+1 is ....... i was wondering is it because my cable remote broke months ago and i connected the wires together 2 by 2 to get sound of it. Is this maybe causing the problem or i have to buy new set ... i dont think is the drivers anymore because with Headphones i dont have any problems at all. My pc parts are

MB - Gigabyte z77ds3h
VC - Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 660 ti OC 2gb
PSU - Corsair CX600
CPU - i5 3570k

If there is an other thing that i can do instead to change my sound system pls tell me ... change drivers and stuff .... or tweaking i dont wanna loose it coz i like it very much

Ty all !
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  1. try downloading the newest realtech drivers.

    most time hums and pops are from bad grounds or interference from other thing like cell phone or crt.
    i would see if a friend has a extra set of speakers for you to try.
  2. I downloaded the drivers from the gigabyte page and i cant really remember right now but i think i tried and the ones from realtek page. I was wondering coz like i said my wire remote from my Creative 2+1 is broken and i connected only the two red + white like u can see the pictures but can this problem be solved by conecting the two black ones together aswell ?
  3. all i say that a fire waiting to happen or a dead short that take out your mb. i toss out that set of broken speakers as soon as you can.
  4. but if i put them back together in the way they ware supposed to be is it going to be allright ??
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