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Will my Power supply handle this?

I want to know if my Corsair CX500 will handle this.

This is my build:

Sapphire Ati Radeon HD7850 1GB
i5 3570k 4.0-4.5 ghz OC
60gb ssd
1tb Hard disk drive sata
DVD Burner
4gb ram
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  1. It is more then enough. Considered with the capacitor aging, the whole set-up would take roughly 420W.
  2. Yes it will and with some(Quite a bit to be honest) power to spare.


    I honestly thing it would be HARD to get the system to pull 420 watts with that hardware.

    I can JUST pass 350 with OCCT stress test(the PSU one) one a 2600K @ 4.4 and 5870(both take more power)


    You must mean capacitor aging over time for the power supply(lowering its output rating to 420 not increasing its draw to 420). Honestly I think it will take a while for it to happen, but yeah. I guess it would reduce over time. My bad if the above looked negative towards your post.
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    I plugged those details into the eXtreme Power Supply Calculator Pro, made a couple guesses (regarding your overclocked Vcore and the rpm of that hard drive), and it gives a recommended psu wattage of 333 W with 23.2 A on the +12V rail, so a Corsair CX500 should be plenty.
  4. yes, it should, as far as i know
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  6. Thank you all
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