Cheapest reliable case & psu?

Im about to build a very low end entry level gaming pc. My budget is very tight but I understand the need for a non-generic / quality psu.

It would be great to get a smaller & quite case but I understand that's not likely to happen on my budget. I can only shop from one place here...

Cases without psu:
Cases with psu:

I was considering the Thermaltake V3/V4 & Versa I/II, however I don't care for lights and windowed cases, i'm often in a dark room watching videos on the pc so would need to cover these up. If these are the best choices however I would just go with them, not really knowing the best between the 4 different cases.

I was also considering the Coolermaster Elite RC-343 with psu, here: but i've been told the psu bundled with coolermaster cases are rubbish. So i'm wondering if I should get that case and put another psu in it? I'm not sure how quite that case would be but I like the idea of it being a smaller mini tower and not having any flashing lights.

Thanks for any help, here are the other components im using...

Intel G2020
ASRock B75-PRO3-M
Patriot Viper Xtreme 8G Kit DDR3 1866
Sapphire 1GB 7770
Samsung 830 128Gb SSD
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  1. Antec vp-450 + coolermaster case.
  2. djangoringo said:
    Antec vp-450 + coolermaster case.

    Is this a quiet-ish solution?
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