Graphic card for older computer.

Hi guys,

Im just wanting to confirm that I have a graphic card that will be compatible with my desktops motherboard.

The card I am looking at is the nvidia Geforce 6200 512mb but I am a little unsure what exact things to look for, I know I need agp X4 and some of the 6200's say agp X4 but alot of them just say agp X8 compatible and some just say pci, so just wondering what exactly to look for as I don't want to end up buying the wrong graphic card for my computer.

The motherboard is .

Thanks guys and if you need any more info on the computers specs just ask and I can get them.

Cheers Jadon.
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  1. Any AGP card will do. Don't look at AGP interface speed, as they are all compatible with each other.
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    Not quite. an 8x only card will not fit in a 2x board. OP has a 4x slot so an 8x/4x card will be fine. They both use the same key so no problems.
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