Guild Wars 2 PC help needed

I built my first PC back in 08 and i've still got the same PC. It's specs are;

GPU - GTX 260
CPU - E8400
Mobo - EVGA 750i FTW
HDD - 300GB
RAM - 4GB of Corsair

I haven't been involved in computers as much since then and so i've lost contact on the current hardware that is available...

My question is: What can i upgrade to enable my PC to run Guild Wars 2 at highest or almost highest settings with good FPS for under $500 ish

I was thinking of buying 2 Asus 1GB 560 GTX cards and SLi'ing them. But then again im unsure if my Mobo can even support those cards.

ADVICE NEEDED :) Thank you!
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  1. have you overclocked your cpu at all? If I was you, I would worry more about the cpu bottlenecking the rest of the system. Getting gtx560 ti sli won't be wise since your cpu is likely to bottleneck it even at 4ghz.

    However, seeing as guild wars 2 won't be very hardware intense, your gtx260 should be more than capable of handling it maxed out. If you really want to stay at the safe side, then get a single gtx560 ti. Your cpu will still bottleneck it but not as much as gtx560 sli.

    IMHO, you should consider getting a new motherboard along with a newer generation quad core i5/i7 cpu. So you might wanna save up your money for that. Intel z77 motherboard, i5 2500k/3550k, 8gig g.skill 1600 ram, gtx 560 ti will cost you around $600-700. Why not stick to the gtx260 for the time being and save up a little more for that.
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