Games started lagging,please help!

Hey,my english is not perfect so i hope you will understand.i tried everything and the problem still goes on so you guys are my last address.My GPU is Nvidia GTX 260 192sp,i wanted to overclock the card so i download MSI Afterburn and start go up with the MHz clock while i check the max temperature when i'm doing Stress test with OCCT.there was improvement in FPS in OCCT and unigine heaven benchmark and everything was stable,but then,i enter one of my games and there wasn't improvement at all,The opposite happened,there are many lags and the game run on lower FPS,the same with all the other games.i can't play the games normally at i back to the normal GPU clocks and the problem still on!!! i uninstalled the nvidia driver and install again but it doesn't help.
i tried hard reset but it still the same.
please i need your help,i don't know what else i should do.i know i write a lot but i really need help.
i really appreciate that. if you need more information just tell me.
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  1. please i need your help!!
    what can i do to solve this problem?
  2. Make sure you really reset the clocks. Is GPU load at 99-100% when you're gaming?
  3. I'm sure that the card run on stock clocks,GPU-Z show can i check that the card is 99-100% load?
    but let's say that i didn't reset my clocks,why it's happenning if everything is stable?
  4. You have never said how much you pushed the card. If you push it too hard, the performance will actually decrease because the card will fail to work at the speed you tell it to, it will not crash, but to make up, it will spend a lot of time idling.

    To check GPU usage just open MSI afterburner settings, monitoring tab, and select the values you want to see and check the "Show in on-Screen Display". Now open any game and you should see it.
  5. i don't think i pushed the card at all- 576/1050 999/1040
    but the point is that it doesn't matter to whice clocks i made to,the games start lagging big time.the max temp with OC was 89C so i didn't damage the card.
    so now im on stock clocks and the games still lag and i don't know what to do
  6. ok i check the GPU usage,i enter GTA IV and the GPU usage was most of the time 60%.
    how i make it 100% while play in games?
  7. Check your CPU usage during gaming. Do your graphics clocks stay what they should be when you play games?
  8. I have found with both my 470s and my gts250 the newer nvidia drivers cause very low frames. I had to roll back to the driver from march. I would try reinstalling with an older driver, one that you know worked well with your hardware.
  9. the graphics clocks stay the same while play games.
    again i enter GTA IV,while play i immediately did ALT+TAB and the windows task manager was opem and it show 100%,i can't tell accurately,but the monitor was at the highest point. i have notice something interesting,the CPU usage that i can see at the task manager goes just CRAZY!!! every sec the changes are so BIG,now it's 20%,a sec later it's 80%,a sec later it's 30,a sec later it's's just crazy!!you should see the monitor,it's a chaos.something for sure wrong with the CPU,and i didn't change anything that connection to the CPU.

    when everything worked normally,the driver was already the latest one-301.42, and i tried to install pre driver but it didn't solve the problem
  10. Do you have any other games than GTA 4? It's known for GTA 4 to do that, but if you had other games, you could confirm whether it's GTA issue or not.
  11. no i play RACE 07,not heavy game at all,and it's still crazy,goes up down.
    no im out of any game,the computer is rest and it's still the same.i remember when i looked at the task managar at past, it's never happend,even at rest it's still doing this
  12. It means you've got something running in the background. Open up the task manager processes tab, check "show processes from all users" box and finally sort them by user name. Take a screenshot of it and post it here.
  13. I'd try disabling avast while gaming and check if it fixes your issue.
  14. no,the games still lag.Now I can't play games,before i tried to OC my card,everything worked perfect,but since i download msi afterburn and change the clocks,something messed up and i don't know what.on the first day that i tried it,i didn't do something special,just change a little bit the clocks and enter one of my games (BF:BC2,GTA IV,CS SOURCE AND MORE),and all the games just lagging big time for no reason that i can see...
    It just sucks
  15. At this point I'd recommend reinstalling windows.
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