Suggestions for pc case wide enough for dark rock pro heatsink

Hello all,
I have been into laptops the last few years and am trying to put together my first pc build in a long time! So far so good, components worthy of note include:

Maximus v gene motherboard
Gainward gtx680 4gb phantom 2
Be quiet! Dark rock pro
Ppc silencer mkIII 1200w power supply
As well as ram/hdd etc

My problem is my old mid tower case can't handle the massive be quiet! Dark rock pro heatsink! It's too tall for the case!

Could anyone recommend me a decent case that would fit the components listed above please? Preferably, if it has chassis fans, of the quiet variety.

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  1. Hello Holr :hello:

    Well the cooler stands 6.54 inches tall approximatly. assume about an inch for MOBO, standoffs, and processor, so 7.5 inches 8 to be safe. If you want to stay with Mid ATX the COOLER MASTER HAF 912 would work with a width of 9.1 inches and cheap at $50. If full tower is your game the COOLER MASTER HAF 932 Advanced has a width of 9 inches, has 4 fans and at $120 is a good price, and looks nice :sol: .

    Just my 2 cents do with it what you will.
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