Worth upgrading to i7 2700k from i5 2500k

only use this rig for gaming and my i5 2500k overclocks to 4.5-5ghz
Now I can get the i7 2700k for about $120 on top of my i5 would it be worth the trade? Like I said I only use this rig for gaming but I sort of wanted to have an i7 for a long time. What kind of benefits would I get from the i7 upgrade. And also will I be able to overclock the 2700k as much as the 2500k? thanks heaps for any information
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  1. Gaming wise it wont make any difference.
  2. Waste of money.
  3. Save the money.
  4. only real difference is hyperthreading, which wont help you at all in gaming.
  5. There is a saying better the devil you know than the devil you don't. You can get a good OC on your present cpu - no guarantees with the 2700. As stated if you won't be doing cpu intensive tasks - video encoding etc. then the 2700 won't do any better.
  6. you should save for a 6-core 3930k /mobo
  7. i dont really count video encoding. the 2500k has quicksync, which is super fast and next to best in quality.

    unless you are doing official releases there is just no reason to use software encoding over quicksync.
  8. the great randini said:
    you should save for a 6-core 3930k /mobo

    Why? OP said this was for a gaming PC.
  9. which wont help you at all in gaming.
  10. i5 is best for gaming, i7 is good for multipurpose, and i3 is for workstations, take ur pick, their all the same stick with i5 for gaming, i3 cant overclock, and i7 is well the same as i5 for gaming
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