hello everyone, i have an alienware m14x laptop with a 3gb nvidia gefore gt555m graphics card. i was wondering if this would be capable of running three 22 inch monitors for gaming purposes! please get back to me asap! i will be using 3 samsung 2243 bwx 22 inch monitors. My laptop has a VGA, HDMI and Display port. i am using two adapters for the hdmi and display plugs.
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  1. no you cannot run 3 monitors off of your gt555m....the only nvidia cards that can do three displays off of one card are the 680 and 670. no matter what type of adapters you use you cannot hook up 3 displays and have them all function at can only do 2
  2. What the guy above said is the truth. You're out of luck buddy.
  3. noooooooooo :(
  4. what if, i use an external graphics card would that work?
  5. yes but those are extremely pricey and are a pain in the butt to get working that point you might as well get a new laptop...if you are really determined to waste time and money on it here is a link

    like I said they cost alot for just the components to get to work and on top of that you still gotta purchase the gpu
  6. thank you guys heeps you just saved me a lot of money! haha please checkout my new thread i need some answers on new pc hardware
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