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I have an a10 5800k and gigabyte f2a85xm d3h board. Just tried an occasional with easytune to 3.9 pc restarted as it should however I was greeted withheld bootmgr not found error so proceeded to restart to bios to reset the pc however now the pc to onto even reach the splash screen to enter bios.

Tried removing everything bar a stick of remember and ssd, cleared cmos etc but I can't even reach the splash screen. I'm assuming I have a fried cpu or mobo
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  1. Boot managar not found means your operating system is missing or hard drive is not connected.
  2. Yes but when I checked connections and restarted pc it no longer boots to the splash screen or loads up all iget is a black screen
  3. Because you overclocked it. turn the power off on the system.
    You will need to re set the bios of the board to its factory settings.
    Open up the tower case locate the battery and near it will be three pins with a jumper on two, move it over so the other two are bridged by the jumper, then put the jumper back where it was, all done !. Should boot fine.
    But then you will have to go into the bios and change some settings Ie: HD interface Sata mode, or Ahci mode. Keys to enter the bios can be F1,F2 or the Del key of the keyboard just after the bios splash screen.
    Your Bios reset pins are located just next to the main Led,and switch connector header block of the board, the little black jumper top right above the white block.
  4. I've already tried that numerous times as stated in original post
  5. Ok take the battery out leave it for ten minuets and replace see if that works.
    Other than that you may of fried the board if you were overclocking it. I mean that is what easy tune is for. You can still push the board too far if you don`t know exactly what you are doing, and breaking it. Btw it`s a dual bios board so it should by rights use the backup bios if anything goes wrong, that makes me think you killed the board.

    If it works ! don`t play with it.
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