Strange graphics performance and temp

Hello guys, this website has given me a lot of info thus far, so i figure this would be the best place to get some FREE expert advice from you.

first of all here are my system specs:

Acer Predator g5900
intel core i5 processor 650
6gb ddr3
500gb hdd
twin frozer 2 gtx 580

now i recently added 2 gb of ram and upgraded my graphics card from a gt 340 to the one mentioned above.
I'm new to the whole pc gaming thing, just realised the benefits of changing from a ps3, and i love it. however i seem to have some problems and not many answers so ill keep it short

ok first
my temperature idle is 40 - 45 c , which seems ok, however when gaming it hovers around the 65 - 79 c mark, is this ok ? will it have any detrimental effect to my nice new card since i spend a fair bit of time gaming?. sometimes i use a house fan nearby and the temp falls by a nice 5 or 6 c.

sometimes when it is at the 79 c region my computer blue screens mid game and restarts itself, (rarely but too much for my liking) this is both worrying and annoying, any tips on how to prevent this, or why it is happening in the first place?

and finally, despite upgrading my card a fair amount, on some games i see a very negligible improvement over my gt 340. the best example is ARMA 2 in which my fps drops by freaking 30 the second i add a few ai to the game and a few things explode. despite this, with only a few AI, i can play with 3d resoloution increased from 1680 well into the 4000 range with a loss of maby 3 or 4 fps, i thought this would take way more toll than a few unscripted ai firing at targets :( . however on skyrim, and fallout, and world in conflict, i can max everything and maintain a full 60 fps. this is confusing and quite annoying given the £300 i spent on this thing, and the subsequent drastically varying performance.

so yeah, sorry if thats a bit of a mess its my first tech post, but please if you have any tips or help, let me know, as ive pretty much exhausted google. thanks in advance guys
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  1. hey big mack, thanks for the reply, ok so if its not heat related then i really am not sure, no nothing, haven't even attempted anything like that. I usually play at 1920 x 1080, which is the most my tv will allow. i already have afterburner and i just checked, and noticed 99 % usage whenever i have a game up. so it appears i do indeed have a bottleneck problem.
    is their anyway around this ?, and does increasing my fan speed (currently auto) potentially damage my hardware ? sorry for the complete lack of computer sense
  2. right, well i have just checked and as i thought my drivers are up to date, I've encountered games before which seem to hate certain hardware, i'm guessing arma 2 will just have to go back on the shelf for the time being. regarding the fan speed im gonna take you're advice and alter them to see how they affect load temperature, i remember noticing the good looking fan quality when i bought the card. do you think it would be worth upgrading anymore of my hardware to get the most benefit out of my new card? - thanks for your help so far too dude
  3. Jumpping to Sandy or Ivy will require a new Mobo as well.

    You could consider jumping up to the top end LGA1156 processors (i7-870 IIRC) or adding a SSD boot drive (although that will have negligible impact on gaming).

    You didn't mention what PSU you have. I've seen all sorts of strange problems because a PSU isn't providing sufficient voltage or sufficiently stable voltage.
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  5. ok thanks BigMack, i shall be checking their prices shortly, much appreciated. and steve it is a liteon ps-6451-5/AE. what are your thoughts regarding my powersupply dude?
  6. right, that would explain a lot, thats something i honestly never thought to check, thinking back im lucky my card even works with it. works out at about £56 which is cheaper than i thought tbh. i regret not building from scratch cos i can see me upgrading it constantly for a while to acheive what i want. ill check the prices for that, but cheers for pointing it out. the one i have in just looks cheap when i open up the computer, the thing doesn't even display voltage on the lable. right so thanks again mate, gonna search for a site selling that Corsair nearer to the UK, so i dont get the huge delivery cost. hopefully my rig will be more stable with the correct power supply in it, plus the mobo and ivy or sandy will put a huge dent in the paycheck. alas
  7. The beauty of British tax. cant thank you enough dude, saved me calling some random guy out to charge me £25, really really appreciate it man :)
  8. ahh cool, nice one. judging by what ive seen ill definitely get a corsair power supply, they seem to be the big name, and are a reliable buy. yeah its not a bad price with the 20 off, i guess like cards, these things go to ridiculous prices too, thats a nice little review site, im going to look around for a bit, since im still very much just getting into the hardware side of computing, although you've already saved me a load of time
  9. im glad you showed me that one so i have a trustworthy place to get my info, i know how dodgy some sites are. on another note, after running kombustion, and fiddling around with the fan speeds i found that the 60 setting reduces my usual 79 c to a nicer 74/75 c , and 70 even lower. i just have to crank the volume up a bit more as the fans pretty noticeable at this level
  10. 97 C is the max temp for the 580 for future reference nvidia has specs for all theyre cards listed on next time just google search gtx 580 max temp, so below that is fine your cards will actually turn themselves off before they get so hot they cause damage. So you can game on them all you want that's what they are for. The i5 650 isn't the best CPU to pair up with a gtx 580, your CPU is having a hard time keeping up with your graphics card and the result is your hitting a cap on performance. you may want to look into a newer unlocked CPU, the 3570k is good for people just starting out and who want to get into PC gaming, overclocking, etc.
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