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Incredibly annoying constant brief dc's modem help find a resolve pls!

Last response: in Networking
September 14, 2011 2:54:47 AM

Hey guy's I have an incredibly annoying issue with my modem/internet and my internet provider fails to acknowledge that something is wrong because connectivity is fine when looking from their end....

So, I have been with Rogers internet in Canada for countless years and never had issue's. Ever since a few weeks ago while I'm gaming, browsing the net my modem/net will drop for a few seconds them come back up. This literally happens for 30 seconds then is up by the minute. Seems to happen more when gaming.

I have exchanged modems, from a motorola to a webstar, same problem occurs. Talked multiple times over the phone with a tech to hear the same garbage, and even had a tech at my house and he said nothing is wrong.(dc's didn't occur while he was there)

So my question is: Is there anything I can do to check if everything is working properly? tests of some sort? Can sending and receiving cause dc's?
Can windows 7 have a problem, are there any other factor's to work in to this problem outside of the internet itself?

I don't know much about modem's but am a pc guy, so I shouldn't have a problem troubleshooting if somebody has some ideas to shoot out. Thanks a lot, sorry for the long rant.

September 18, 2011 2:20:52 AM

if many modems are having the same issue then its not a modem. i assume you are not using a router or switch but rather going directly to the modem from your comp. If you have a second computer or game system you can hook up and do some pings from that would help eliminate your computer from the list of possible problems. make sure your cables are good as well. if it is an issue with the isp then there is a chance they may not see the problem while looking at your line but if they had an issue from there node most isp's will get updates from there network that a link has gone down. you may have a loose wire on the pole to your house but its more likely an issue on your internal network or computer. when this occurs does your comp keep an ip address? is it sending packets but not receiving? these are basic things you can check on.