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Hey guys I have my build almost done, I just cant decide on a graphics card. I will be playing on a monitor at 1080p, Mine dosnt go any higher. The games I would be playing would mainly be GW2, diablo 3, and I buy a lot of rts style games on Steam. I would play FPS games like BF3 and MW sometimes.

I orginally was going to buy the 670gtx ftw+ for 399.99 on amazon. However, I was considering buying lower and then upgrading when next years models are out seeing how we are at the end of the year. I honestly just am unsure If Its going to make that big of a difference, since Im build my comp all at once I wouldnt mind saving money.

Right now there are deals on the Evga 570, Zotac 570, Xfx 7850 core, xfx 7870 as well. All these are below 300$. I also plan on overclocking some with whatever card I get.

The rest of the build would look like this.
asus maximus v gene
8gb gskill ripjaw 1600
samsung 830 128gb
ecogreen 2tb hdd
noctua cpu heatsink
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  1. My vote goes to the 570... You can find some for as little as $250, and they're GREAT for playing the games you've mentioned at maxed settings on your resolution.
  2. What power supply are you planning on getting, or were you going to base that on which graphics card you choose.

    Thing is, if you get a 570, you are going to have a higher power requirement than if you get one of the newer cards like the 7850/7870. Thoughts?
  3. I was getting the season 650x or 750x, depending on combo deals. I wont be sli either. Like I said if I got a lower end card I would run it till it slowed down then I would grab the newer model. My build is over my budget now so if I can buy a cheaper card without loosing performance at 1080p then great!

    I can get a gtx 570 fermi for 219$ after rebate.
    Or I could get one of these cards thats under 300$

    7950 double d for 329$
  4. Well the 570 is a good card and its powerful, but its also power hungry, just make sure when you choose a power supply that it has enough juice.
  5. And you think the 570 will run games on high for the next lets say year? I wanted to build this asap, but people everywhere keep saying wait for 660ti becasue it would be better as far as temp goes. My worry is I dont want to wait forever for these damn things to be released.
  6. Yes the 570 will. It will easily run everything on high, and alot of stuff on ultra. I mean comparatively, a 570 is better than the 6950 I have and I run everything except for battlefield 3 on ultra, and even bf3, I just turn off the AA and I run at higher than 60 FPS.

    I hate playing the waiting game too, and while the 660ti will be nice, at some point you just cant wait around for the next great thing to come out. Buy it, play, and be happy!
  7. Why though gamerkila? If I got that board I would spend $80 more for it, would I see a boost in performance worth that 80$?
  8. Yes, the 7870/7850 performs better, but $80 better? I dont really think so.,3148-5.html

    Then again, those benchmarks were from the initial release, so with the new drives it may have widened the performance gap.

    I still say 570 to accommodate your budget.
  9. or this

    with the new 12.7 BETA drivers it gave the HD 7xxx series a HUGE performance boost
  10. The other thing I have read at places like, say that Nvidia provides a smoother gaming experience. I think this was with the newer cards and I dont know if thats true with the older cards as well?
  11. The reference they're talking about is the newer Kepler cards (running more smoother & efficient).

    With all this debate, I still stand behind my recommendation. Sure the 570 is a little more power hungry, but it still doesn't consume as much power as the older 4XX series cards which are REALLY power hungry. Honestly, everything from 5XX series and up, we'll be seeing some really good temps. If you can get your hands on a 570 for $220 then I say go for it!
  12. Eh, the generalizations about nvidia or AMD are worthless. Look at particular cards and the particular features they have. It's true that ATI/AMD had some driver trouble in the past, but generally the "lack of a smooth gaming experience" is limited to the first few months of a card's release, when drivers are unstable and need to be updated a lot. The HD 7000 series has now been out for more than 6 months, and things are good.

    Really the best choice is to break the $300 ceiling, just barely, and get this twin frozr 7950: It's an incredible value at $310 post-rebate, and it will put any of these other cards to shame. E.g. (and this is with old drivers):
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