Why is my new computer case fan not working?

I hope I placed this in the right area.....

I'm not a tech, but I do have a little pc experience. Recently the extra side fan on my computer case died. The other fan is fine and everything else plugged into the pc is not having issues (so I'm hoping it's not my power supply). I went out and bought a fan from Best Buy, plugged it in and it doesn't work. My motherboard does not have the option of connecting through it. I have the 4 pin Molex connector.

I also tried the new fan at work, to make sure it wasn't defective. When I plugged it there, it worked perfectly.

So I have to wonder....what could be wrong with my pc other than the power supply?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Other than plugging it the wrong way i don't see anything which could lead to issues.
  2. Is it a modular supply? Did you check the PSU side was connected? Also try plugging into the connection the working fan is using. May be a bad connector
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