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After having purchased an LG video recorder, and having all sorts of issues with it despite its upsides, I tried to look around for recorders that were for sale on my country, or that I could import, but unfortunately all the units that I find seem to be poor, lack important features, have mostly poor reviews, or outright seem bad.

Because of that I was considering turning the "Way of the HTPC".
I figured that with an actual computer I'd have something much more capable not only by the fact that there's all sort of applications to provide a simple to use media library, proper internet browsing and all that.

However what I seem to lack in this concern is a proper TV/Video capture card. I've been looking around but I cannot seem to find one that people don't complain a fair bit from either poor drivers or an even poorer client application to control the capture.

I was looking for something that's reliable, stable and comes with (or is compatible with third party's) software that's of some ease to use in terms of recording something on the fly or setup a series of recordings via EPG.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Which LG Video Recorder did you purchase? If the content is recorded to a disk, then you should be able to simply copy the video over to the PC using a USB cable.

    -Wolf sends
  2. @Wolfshadow
    Thank you for the reply, but... did you bother to read my post? In no way or form I was asking for advice concerning the LG recorder, merely mentioned as a source reason for what I need.
  3. I apologize, I did mis-read your post. I saw "Capture Card" in the thread title and as soon as you mentioned LG Video Recorder, I automatically started thinking of hand-held camcorders. Sorry! :heink:

    So now I would ask what country you're in and what is your video source (cable, satellite, over the air transmissions)?

    -Wolf sends
  4. Suppose I'm at fault as well for not coming more clear off the bat.

    Anyway, am in Portugal and the video source would be digital TV signal (DVB-T)over the air so this would be the primary interest on the card, but it would also be useful if it took in HDMI or other input types like composite video.
  5. Unfortunately, I'm just not familiar enough with DVB-T tuners/capture cards. My only suggestion at this point would be to head over to The Green Button for more assistance (unless someone else here can answer). The folks over at The Green Button are pretty much dedicated to HTPCs and with a large European focus, should be able to assist you.

    -Wolf sends
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