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My windows 7 lap top was purchased with a Nvidia Geforce 675 graphics card however when I go to the control panel it said graphics card not detected and when I play video games it says I have some intel 4000 graphics card, which is clearly wrong as it registered my nvidia graphics card but a few weeks ago. Now I have not done anything to change my settings since then could you please help me on how to fix this problem?
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  1. Have you installed the latest nvidia optimus drivers? by the way you have both, the 4000 is integrated with your CPU and notebooks with OPTIMUS technology use that while browsing internet and other NON video demanding operations.

    Just make sure you have downloaded latest Driver version at and test it in a game or benchmark.
  2. So i uninstalled my driver and then went to reinstall it, however after it downloaded it said "this graphics driver could not find the compatible graphics hardware when it's clearly inside the lap top.
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