PC crashes with crackling sound from speakers


Sorry not entirely sure where to post this.

Well I've been trying for ages to sort this problem out. My computer has been crashing repeatedly for a good while, it will all be running completely fine and then will suddenly crash. The pc just freezes and a loud crackling noise is emitted from the speakers, the sound is not a loop of the last sounds played, it just sounds like static. I suspect that it may be linked to audio or video as that has been the only time that it has crashed, playing music, watching videos or in FMV sequences in games.

I've tried reinstalling windows multiple times, replacing drivers and even updating the bios, completely run out of ideas. the computer has to be manually rebooted after it has crashed and I've been able to find no error logs in the event viewer that may relate to it.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated

pc specs:

CPU: Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.6 GHz
GFX: ASUS Radon HD 5850
Mobo: ASUS rampage 2 gene
RAM: 3x corsair xms 3 platinum 2gb DDR3
SSD: 128GB OCZ Agility 3
PSU: Vantec Ion2+ 600w
Cooling: stock
OS: Windows 7 x64 Ultimate
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  1. might be one of your ram is creating problem, just try with one ram each inside your pc.
  2. Yea, that's probably what I'll try next, my understanding though was that ram failures normally resulted in a bsod, which I'm not getting at all. If they don't always though then I'll definitely be trying that very next.
  3. many times restarting of PC occurs due to ram. try it.
  4. Also happened when my PSU died on me. My pc kept on crashing when I tried to do anything demanding with the exact crackling sound. I would be easy on the restarting, at last all my USB ports, audio ports just everything got fried.
  5. ok. so according to lostgamer_03 you can even check for your PSU.
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