PC won't post after being off for longer periods

PC doesn’t post after being off for longer periods.
My pc works fine once I get it going but lately it has stopped posting (no beep) after being turned off for overnight or throughout the day while I’m at work.
I’m running an older system with some newer components on a Win7 64 bit system.

Asus P5B Deluxe
C2D E6400 cpu with aftermarket HS/Fan
4 x Team Xtreem 1gb memory modules (4gb total) pc6400, 800mhz, 4,4,4,10 timing, 2.0-2.2 volts, and yes it’s on the mobo RAM list for qualified vendors.
OCZ 700w psu (game extreme ) I think it’s called
Gigabyte Nvidia 550 gtx something gpu
Asus Xonar Audio
OCZ SSD (main)
Raptor (back up)
Seagate (backup
Blu ray drive and dvd burner drive

Once I can get my system up and running by removing RAM modules and booting up with one, everything runs smoothly. I can load my OC settings, reboot, even shut the pc down and boot it back up. I can game and do whatever…but if I try to power it up after being off overnight it won’t post anymore.

Here’s what I’ve tried
1) Most recently bios flash to most recent update
2) Remove mobo battery to clear cmos
3) Shuffle ram modules around (need to do more testing with this)
4) Load without OC settings (need to do more testing with this)
5) Remove most components and get rid of dust (my pc is pretty much spotless)

When did this start happening?
After I tossed 2 more RAM modules in the pc, same exact brand/model specs…pc booted up fine, ran for a while and then stopped getting post periodically. I shuffled the ram around and tested it and from what I know if a RAM module is defective it won’t run period in 99.9% of the cases.
I don’t have additional RAM modules to test, nor do I have an extra PSU to test. All my temps are fine, for mobo, cpu, gpu, etc…I check them constantly to make sure it’s not a heat issue.
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  1. After more testing here's what I found...

    I tried each ram module separately in slot 1 of my mobo, 3 of them booted fine with OC settings also but 1 didn't post at all...did I find my culprit?

    My question is this, when I had all 4 installed why did it run sometimes and not other times? Why was I able to run the PC in full force, reboot/shut down normally but only didn't post after having the PC off for overnight etc?

    Thanks if you can make me understand this.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed and will update if I see some stability over the next few days.
  2. Lesson learned, if you find yourself with wierd non consistent boot issues (no post) just cycle all the ram modules individually in slot 1 of your mother board...

    I didn't do this step earlier because my symptoms were not consistent
  3. I think you found a bad stick of memory. If they are matched sticks, you need to find another identical stick or buy another pair of matched.
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