My keyboard keeps cutting on and off, is there a fix?

My keyboard will make a duh duh sound then cut off, it will cut on then off at random times. My mouse did it in the slot the keyboard was in, to test it, yes the mouse did cut off. i moved my keyboard to another slot it cuts off still. i put my mouse in that slot it works, so it isn't the usb right? :/ I am hoping some tech geeks out there could tell me a fix for it. My thoughts were
1: should i do windows update, will that make a difference?
2: could it be the USB slot?

I am mainly wondering if windows update could fix it. It just started happening about 2 weeks ago but it is finally getting annoying :)

so any help is great
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  1. sometimes it will make the DUG DUH sound and WON'T cut off, but most of the times it does :/
  2. Is there a driver you can download from the manufacturer's site? Do that and try again.
  3. After Googling your keyboard, there seems to be some issues with reliability and or quality.

    Most keyboards are PnP (Plug and Play) so will work as soon as it's connected without special software and or drivers-Windows should detect and get it running automatically.

    If your mouse works in the same USB port, I would think that your keyboard is the issue.
  4. its more then likely a wiring issue with the keyboard .. if the USB port that your using works with other hardware. try using alternate USB ports .. if that dose not solve the issue i doubt its a driver issue unless you have a specialized keyboard that your using.

    replace the keyboard

    looking at that particular brand which is unknown to me .. it says its plug n play which only uses generic windows drivers that being said if possible return it for a refund or purchase another keyboard logitech is more reliable...
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