2xGeForce GTX 680 in SLI + Vision3D doesn't work

Hi all,

I've recently purchased a brand new computer with two 2xGeForce GTX 680 in SLI and ASUS VG278 3D-monitor connected using dual-link DVI cable bundled with the monitor. However Vision 3D only works until I enable SLI. After that I can physically see double-image on the screen, but 3D IR transmitter doesn't work (and so are glasses). It's 100% reproduceable and here is a way:
1. Install nVidia drivers using "CLEAN INSTALL".
2. Enable Vision 3D - all works just fine. It also works in games.
3. Enable SLI - all 3D-related things stop working - all that I see is double-image. And it stays that way even if I disable SLI afterwards - only clean install solved the problem.

I've tried 301.10 and 301.42 drivers - the effect is the same. But since it works at times I tend to think that this is a driver issue, not a hardware one.

Please let me know if anyone had this problem, and if there is a solution to that.

And another side question - I'm thinking about buying two more monitors for 3D Surround setup - but I'm not sure that current GPUs would be able to handle that. I'm playing modern games like BF3 and like moving all quality handles all the way to the right, so if anyone has any information about whould such a setup handle BF3 at Ultra settings and 5760x1080 resolution - I'd appreciate you sharing it with me.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Thats really odd, that doesnt happen to me with the same exact monitor with SLI 580's. ill see if i can find anything about it on the interwebs so you can get those beasts running (your in for a treat that monitor with those 680's is going to be silky smooth 3D awesomeness)

    you may wana try

    Nvidia 3d vision forums
    3D vision blog forums

    there more active in regards to 3D vision
  2. Thanks for your response! After yet another session of "what-if"-kinda things I've managed to figure this out - the problem turned out to be my old 26" non-3D monitor that was connected as a second monitor. Once I've disconnected it - everything started working just fine! I would never thought that this could be an issue in the first place - hence I didn't even mention second monitor in the description, but that turned out to be a real problem. Kinda odd honestly.

    Now what's about the second one - will two of these cards be enough for 3D Surround setup - that's three 3D monitors simultaneously? Looking at 2x680's results a 5760x1080 here (last graph on the page): http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforce-gtx-690-benchmark,3193-6.html
    I tend to conclude that it's probably be tight, especially since I love moving quality handles to the right. Usually when I turn on 3D, it nearly halves FPS - of course it doesn't matter now for a single-monitor setup as even one 680 is perfectly capable of delivering smooth 3D for BF3 on Ultra settings, but I imagine it would matter for 3 monitors in 3D mode. I've got ASUS P9X79 Deluxe m/b, so technically I can put third 680 in there, but since it's a two-slot card, I'm worried about cooling becoming unadequate...

    Also as an idea for article writers - please include 3D Surround tests into high-end cards test - I think that's the main reason why most ppl buy such super-expensive systems in the first place! Or conduct a dedicated 3D Surround test so readers would get an idea of what kind of money it costs, and what to expect from it in terms of potencial issues, bugs and so forth (that is, beyond insane pricetag :D ). And I'm sure whoever gets such an assignment will be up for a lot of fun during testing :D
  3. Depends on the game, but it might be tough to get everything you want. You may have to dial back the settings a bit here and there, but if GTX 680's in SLI can't do it, nothing can.

    Just look at benchmarks for 5760x1280 and cut the framerates in half to account for the 3D Vision impact.
  4. Well, I've got two more monitors and I can tell that there is a need for compromises if you want to have 3D... In 2D Surround everything plays on all max with no issues! And I have to say that playing across 3 27" monitors is just stunning! :)
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