BF3 issues with MSI 7850

I just recently completed my build and have lately noticed that in BF3 there is something strange going on with the textures. It seems that up close to objects such as containers, doorways, or walls it occurs. Just standing still everything looks great, but as I walk and look up and down it seems that the textures are sort of choppy or flickering, like slight lines run across breaking transitioning. I don't know exactly how to describe it, I may try to make a video when I get home from work. It isn't a HUGE issue, but it is enough that it is bugging me and causing me to get help from you guys. I have tried lowering graphic settings, but it has not helped the issue.

I am using an MSI r7850 twin frozr card. I had slightly overclocked it and raised the voltage to about 1.85 for just a few minutes benchmarking. I am using the newest drivers. I am not sure what else to try.. It has always been running cool.
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  1. I seriously hope that 1.85 is a typo for what voltage you put on the card...

    Anyways, you can always try a different driver release. You can also try installing the Catalyst Application Profiles which sometimes can help resolve issues even with single card configurations.
  2. Whoops.... I meant 1.185.. would that make more sense?
  3. So I read somewhere about refresh rate problems and bf3?

    I am using this monitor: Asus

    Could that possibly be an issue with CCC? I will have to do adjusting when I get home.
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