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Title. I'm thinking of building a super cheap gaming PC using a $50-60 CPU and a Radeon 7770 GHz edition video card. Playing games at 1920 x 1080. Would I be better off with an Intel Sandy/Ivy bridge dual core or an AMD Trinity dual core? (Using a discrete video card)
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  1. Wait and get ivy bridge G2020 @ will easily handle hd 7770.
  2. It has to be Intel. At that cpu budget, Intel will be much better. xbit showed here:
    that there is about a 10% performance difference in cpu intensive tasks and specifically gaming between propus and denebs thats absence of l3 cache. trinity, for the sake of IGP (which Intel just cant match btw) sacrifices, a bit of l2 caches too at that price point.

    Now Intel has better performance clock for clock and that coupled with l3 cache makes them real value. I would recommend Celeron G1610 as there was a recent discussion showing g540 optimally performing in games and 1610 is marginally better that it.

    good luck
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