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This is the first time i've tried to built a PC, and i was wondering whether to get a intel or AMD. At first i thought i should get a Intel because I had heard they were better, but then I had a look at the AMD bulldozer which had quad-core and 4.2ghz and was half the price of the intel however I looked them up and it sounds like they have a few problems. I'm trying to build a gaming pc, mainly for Minecraft, Battlefield 3 and Blops 2, and i'd be recording at the same time and probably running a mc server or something like it all at once, hence the quad cores. PLEASE HELP. Budget: under £200 but prefer if cheaper, thanks.
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  1. Get i5 3470.it can easily handle any games at max.
  2. First off cores and clock speeds don't really mean much anymore, it is all about the micro architecture and IPC. Intel's CPU's have a faster more efficient architecture meaning it can do more instructionsper clock cycle. What this mean is that a 3.4 GHz I5 will outperform the higer clocked AMD 4.0 CPU.
    Next the Bulldozer was/is absolute crap. In gaming the I5 and I7 easily beat it even the measly dual core I3 beat the "flagship" Bulldozer. It couldn't even beat out the Phenom II that it was suppose to be replacing. Also lets not forget that Bulldozer can and will bottleneck high-end video cards. If you want to go with AMD ateast go with Piledriver but I would go with the I5 as ASH said.
  3. ta, useful info
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