What graphics card can I upgrade to?

I was wondering what graphics card I can upgrade to. It will be for gaming, playing Guild Wars 2. The power supply is 250. Budget is mid ranged. What would be a good buy for my Pc?
Thank you in advance.
System Information
Time of this report: 7/26/2012, 15:49:47
Machine name: EVANRUDE
Operating System: Windows Vista™ Home Premium (6.0, Build 6002) Service Pack 2 (6002.vistasp2_gdr.120402-0336)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: HP-Pavilion
System Model: GX776AA-ABA a6342p
BIOS: BIOS Date: 12/31/07 10:10:58 Ver: 5.15
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2180 @ 2.00GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.0GHz
Memory: 3062MB RAM
Page File: 1433MB used, 4905MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 11
DX Setup Parameters: None
DxDiag Version: 7.00.6002.18107 32bit Unicode
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  1. You can delete most of your post because it's useless info, it just spams the forum. The only useful info was:

    Operating System: Windows Vista™ Home Premium (6.0, Build 6002) Service Pack 2
    Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2180 @ 2.00GHz
    Memory: 3062MB RAM
    Graphics card: Intel GMA 3100
    Power supply: 250 watt.

    You never told us your budget for the card, nor the model of your motherboard. The important part about the motherboard is whether it has a PCI express slot.

    Since your CPU meets the minimum system requirements of Guild Wars 2, however, it is still very weak, I'd recommend getting HD 6670. It's not really worth getting anything cheaper, and anything higher will most certainly be bottlenecked by your processor.

    But because I don't know anything about your motherboard, I still cannot say whether the card will fit. As far as power supply goes, it will work with it, but I cannot be sure about the motherboard.
  2. The only thing I see on the motherboard is Asus and IPIBL-LB. Sorry about the spam and thank you for your help.

  3. You are going to have to upgrade your power supply. I wouldn't run any graphics card with such a small PSU. I would pick up a 450 Watt Power supply and the HD6670 is a great card for that PSU. Also, your board may take a core 2 quad or core 2 duo, maybe pick up a used one off ebay that has a warranty.

    In reality, you may just want to wait and save up, then buy a new CPU/Motherboard/Memory/power supply/ graphics card later. That Pentium is a dog compared to the E5000 series pentiums.
  4. It seems like it has one PCIe slot. How big is your case? Could you measure its width?
  5. 7750 could work too,not sure how much better than the 6670 performance wise though
    don't know what the nvidia equivalent is or how it compares, though I'm sure there is one, 630 or 640 maybe?
  6. Actually, a HD7750 uses less power (about 5W less) than the HD6670, but is a faster card, so that would be the one I'd choose.
    If you play mostly PvE, your weak CPU may suffice as long as you stay out of crowds. In large scale PvP (like WvW or in heavily populated PvE areas), you are likely to get horrid performance, and lowering graphics settings won't help because it's a CPU issue. If you can, I'd seriously suggest saving for a new build.

    Edit: just saw lordofdeath's post. NVidia has nothing at the low end that can touch AMD. If the GT640 had been offered with GDDR5, it might compete with the HD6670, but probably still not reach the HD7750.
  7. Sunius said:
    It seems like it has one PCIe slot. How big is your case? Could you measure its width?

    7"width 15 1/2"length 14" tall
  8. I still stay with my recommendation of HD 6670, solely because of the CPU. And we still don't know whether the OP has a slim computer case or not.
  9. Here's another option, if your budget is as high as $200.
    Buy a reasonable PSU like a 500W Antec Earthwatts or Corsair Builder, and a HD7770 or HD6850. Your current CPU will hold either of those cards back from reaching its full potential, BUT when you get another $200 or so you'll be able to replace the CPU, mobo, and RAM, keeping that same PSU and graphics card (hence no money wasted).
    The only caveat could be that you will likely need a new Windows license when you replace the mobo/CPU, which is another $90-$100.
    While you could find another [used] S775 CPU that would fit on your board, you'd likely just be getting a modest boost at best, which you would then need to discard when you finally rebuild.
  10. tourist said:
    6670 on a 250w p/s is going to be too much, it might work but expect black screens when you stress it, dvd/games etc. If he has pcie 1.1 board max is 75watts. 6670 appropriately 85w idle draw.

    If it is 1.1 a 8400gs or 6450 is about the only option.

    This guy has no idea what he's talking about. HD 6670 uses around 10 watts on idle:

    And 50 watts maximum at peak:
  11. Thank you, Sunius. That 85W at idle was likely for the entire system. If the card used 85W under any load, it would need a PCIe power connection.
    ...but you'll notice that the HD7750 does use less, and it isn't too much more expensive while being visibly more powerful, even if it is bottlenecked some.
  12. That just proves what you said is nonsense. 250 watt power supply will be more than enough, since the full system on load consumes around 125 watts of energy.
  13. Sunius said:
    That just proves what you said is nonsense. 250 watt power supply will be more than enough, since the full system on load consumes around 125 watts of energy.

    So if I were to upgrade Hd6670 would be my best bet without also having to upgrade the power supply?
    I saw one at best buy for $119.00. Is it actually worth even upgrading?
  14. It's sure worth it, but not for $119.00. Here's a better price:

    $49.99 after rebates.
  15. Tourist, please take a seat and be quiet. You are wrong. The PSU the OP has is weak, but it is unlikely to be junk, otherwise the manufacturer would be plagued by warranty issues. A PSU is most efficient in the middle of its range, but an accurately rated unit should have no trouble with an 80% load 24/7. You must buy Diablotek PSU-shaped objects if they're failing on you at 60% load. That further suggests you do not yet have a good grasp of the subject matter. I would suggest visiting sites like HardwareSecrets, Jonnyguru, and HardOCP for lots of good information and competent technical reviews of PSUs.
    Still, I don't think that's the HD6670 to get though, unless your budget is really tight. A GDDR5 version will perform visibly better (a couple of tiers on the monthly chart). If, OTOH, you do have $119 to spend, get a HD7750 for another two tiers over that.
  16. Graphics card Manufacturers ALWAYS overstate the system requirements. 50% load for a PSU is nothing, even a junk one. That googling is nonsense too, every part even of the best brand can fail. 125 Watts will work FINE on 250 watt power supply unit. Period.
  17. HP didn't use Bestec; eMachines did. Tourist, you're digging yourself a hole from which you may never escape.
  18. Black screens on stressing is my definition on not working. And yet, I don't see any proof you made. All you said is nonsense basing on googling his computer model and failure. I can do that with ANYTHING, and tons of topics will pop up. Yet, I trust Tom's Hardware reviewers much more than you, when they say it will consume 125 watts for all system at most.
  19. OP, Sunius and I have given you good, verifiable information. You will be fine with a HD6670 or HD7750; anything stronger will require a PSU replacement, but I would not hesitate to run either of those cards on your PSU. As Sunius' chart showed, even if time has weakened your PSU, you aren't likely to exceed half of its rated wattage.
  20. tourist said:
    He has a bestec p/s , they are junk. I myself have replaced over a dozen on business machines without discrete cards. I supplied a link to a reputable site that corroborated what i am telling you and the original poster, they have a reputation of frying m/b.

    How can anyone with a sane mind ever recommend a user put even more of a load on a old power supply, one with a reputation of being junk, Regardless of size ?

    You both are giving bad advice, that is trolling.

    Funny thing actually, my cousin has been running the same HP a1730n (which is now mine) with the same power supply and a Radeon 6670, which used to have an 8600GT (which I put back) and to this day that thing is still running strong.

    Just because a couple of people have had run-ins with the power supply in there and decide they want to share it with the world doesnt mean that the other couple of hundreds of thousands of people who bought Pavilions are having issues.

    I've recommended these types of cards on these power supplies for years and I've never had any of them come back to me and say that its not working or their power supply just got fried.

    Sure Bestec isnt the best, but that doesnt mean that everyone who has a Bestec should have it replaced with something better.

    According to this posted chart:

    The 6670 does not use more than 57W on full load. That's running Furmark and everything. That does not exceed the 75W that can be supplied through the PCI-E.

    Now the Pentium he is using has a max TDP of 65W, which if both were pulling the maximum power from the system is about 122W.

    Now, accounting for the single hard drive he probably has and probably the DVDRW drive that doesnt ever get used, we'll say that at max load, the computer is probably going to use about 150W.

    Are you saying a Bestec PSU is not going to be able to supply 150W?

    Well, using a simple physics equation, P=IV, we can conclude that when V=12 and I=13, that the max you can have on the 12V is 156W. The HDD and DVDRW probably dont use the 12V because they just usually dont.

    Even if you factor in efficiency, the power supply should be enough.

    I would say that is plenty enough to power his system.
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