How can I remove the top plate on an EVGA SC 2 GTX 680?

So I got EVGA's SC 2 GTX 680 in the mail today (, and I'm trying to get the fan / heatsing housing off so I can get at the bracket. It seems during shipping, one hex bolt rattled loose, and as a consequence, the PCI bracket is also a bit loose. I can't put the bolt back on with the fan housing in the way, since there is maybe a 1/2 inch gap to work with which is only enough to let me see where the bolt should go. I know that if I can get the plastic/aluminum top off of the card, I can re-secure the bolt easily. Does anyone know how to get it off??
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  1. I suppose the procedure would be similar to removing the shroud on a reference GTX 680, but it's possible there are some nuances I'm not seeing
  2. most likely you have to remove the whole heatsink assembly from the do that you would remove some screws from the back of the card...I cant tell you step by step how to remove it bc every card is different but usually to remove the shroud you have to remove the heatsink first and in this case you wouldnt need to remove the shroud then

    On the shot showing the bottom of the card, there are four screws that look like the retain some kind of bracket around the GPU core. Would I remove those screws or leave them in? Also, am I going to mess up any thermal paste when I take this thing off?
  4. Also, you can see in that shot the screw I'm talking about. It's in the upper rightmost corner. The screw was in the hole when it came, but the hex bolt on the other side that it screws in to came loose.
  5. You know now I'm thinking a pair of tweezers to hold the bolt over the screw and get it on there ever so gingerly would be a better choice than ripping the heatsink off this thing... I really don't want to do that, it's brand spanking new.
  6. I would go the tweezer route and if that doesnt work then take the heatsink off...the 4 screws that you were talking about are the only 4 that you should have to take off to get the cooler off....once you do that try twisting the cooler assembly a little bit bc its gonna seem to be stuck on there bc of the thermal pads and paste but it will come off
  7. Possibly call customer support and ask them. They might want you to RMA it, yes you wont be able to use it til it gets back but it avoids any possible warranty issues further down the track.

    Otherwise try tweezers as drums suggests or long nose pliers.
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    Thanks for all the replies guys. It turns out that on EVGA's signature 2 version, the fan housing is held on with only four small screw at the sides! It popped right off with no fuss and I left the heatsink on, and tightened the retaining bolt all the way. Good deal. Now you know if you ever run into that problem yourselves.

    Also... On an unrelated but somewhat hilarious note, I screwed up TWICE building my computer yesterday and had to pop out the motherboard twice and install it a total of 3 times... ugh, backplates and heatsink retention bolts -____- It is fast though. So fast. Even though I tore the heat spreader off of a stick of corsair vengeance to get it to fit. MMmmmmmmm heat spreader.....
  9. lol yea man if I had a dollar for everytime I forgot something and had to tear down a pc and start over I would be rich...glad everything worked out for you
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