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Is the nVidia GT630 graphics card suitable for gaming on a p.c. Will it be able to handle arma2,
Skyrim,battlefeild 3 and other high demanding games on reasonable settings. Because I am just about to get my first computer. Or can any recommend me a good gaming computer that has got a budget of around £800 for a desktop or around £1000 for a good gaming laptop.(able to handle the games listed above). I would preffer it to be a laptop though.If you have read all this message then thanks.
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  1. Hey there James.

    Well, the GT630 is a little capable card similar to it's sibling in notebooks: GT540M and GT640M. That would give you 1366x768 (or 720p TV gaming) at high or medium details in those games. The AMD equivalent to that video card would be the 6570 or 6670 (GDDR5 version) and 6770M or 7670M in notebooks. Although in notebooks I'd recomment the nVidia video card because of "Optimus" (the AMD solution is still not working fine).

    You could pair it with a Pentium G850 or an i5 2300 (if budget allows) to have a lasting little gaming box or in the notebook market, any i5 24x0 or 34x0 (where x in 3 or 5).

    Do you have a site for us to browse the main parts and give you an estimate?

  2. I have only just became a member to this site and that was the first question so I am still learning how to use this site.
  3. No problem... Are you going to buy the pieces online or at retail stores?

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  5. On a £800 desktop you should get a way better card at leastr a Radon 7850 which is in a different league altogether. It would also game better than any £2000 laptop so I stronglt advise getting a desktop. Can you build it yourself or do you need a prebuilt one?
  6. I would prefer a pre-built.
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  8. I know desktops are cheaper and more powerfull but I need something I can take places but can also play games. But I was thinking about getting the Alienware x51 (area 51)
  9. I managed to build a 3570k, and GTX670 for £940 about 2 months ago, you can do a lot better than a GT630, you will be sorely dissappointed.

    right now scan.co.uk have gtx480's for £100, which is an awesome price.

    but you will lose about £100 in budget terms for it being built for you. So £800 pre-built will buy you £700 of kit.

    Oh and £1000 on a laptop would be a waste, as it'll be outdated much quicker than a £800 desktop, and you can never update it, so you'll have to buy again rather than update it.
  10. Is the nvidia GeForce Gt540m any good for the listed games
  11. no, I would say not.

    this is probably the best comparison to a 'good' gaming level gpu.
    http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/610?vs=547 the 540m will probably be worse that the gt440.
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