Windows xp powers down for no reason

I have windows XP and yesterday it started to just shut down as soon as the menu came on. I powered back on and soon after menu was up the screen changed to a total screenrandom patern that had no words or picture but not the blue screen of death. What could it be and is there a fix. I would even do the process of putting the computer back to original factory settings if I could remember the process
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  1. Maybe the GPU (video card) is broken.
  2. check your cap next to CPU if they are not flat then yes you need a mother board if there are flat then you have a bois problem
    any time the cap are ovel or pushed out on to of thed
    cap then you need a motherboard good luck it alldebentens on the CPU you have is it socket am2 or AM3
    if you have a socket am the good luck to you
    i have been looking for those kind there is none.
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