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Hey all,

Its me again. I just got my GeForce GT240 in the mail today.

Now i know how to install the card into my PCI express slot, but one thing i have been getting confused about is how to disable my integrated graphics card to install this one.

here are my PC specs

Only difference is i have 2 gigs of ram instead of the standard 512 mb it came with.

So, what im getting confused about is what exactly do i have to do, to disable my integrated card. I have looked on the internet but i have came across 3 different things.

Some people say you go into the BIOS, and disable it there. Then other people said that you just have to go into my computer, and go into the hardware tab through there and do it that way. And lastly, i also read that people say since its integrated, all you have to to is put the new card in and it will automatically disable it for you.

So my question is, which out of those three, or something else do i need to do. I know this is probably a really simple thing but i just want to be sure as to what im doing.

Any, and all comments are appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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  1. Some BIOS will allow you to do it. If your lets you, sure, you may do it. I wouldn't do the second option, that might make you reinstall windows if something fails. Though, most likely, the third option should work. Just remember to connect the monitor to your new graphics card, instead of the motherboard!
  2. Thanks for the reply Sunius, I'll give the 3rd option a shot.

    Any other input is appreciated!
  3. Glad I was helpful :).
  4. Well i tried the 3rd option and it didnt work. Had my monitor plugged into the card but the screen just stays blank.

    I uninstalled the Nvidia drivers but i cant find how to disable the onboard video in the BIOS.

    Im at a loss as what i need to do. Anyone else got some advice for me?
  5. What power supply do you have?
  6. its 300 watts, which should be fine for this card
  7. Yes it should. Does the card fan spin? Does it work with card inside but when you plug monitor to the motherboard?
  8. Yes the fan spins. But i haven't tried putting the card in and plugging the monitor in the regular slot. Though i thought you need the monitor plugged into the card itself?
  9. Yes you do. But still just try and see what happens. If it boots up, try to install nvidia driver.
  10. I disable my on board card in the device manager, but it still shows a blank screen when i start the computer up with the monitor in the card.

    I dont understand why this isn't working.

    Would REALLY like some other input, there has to be some one out there that knows what to do, please help...
  11. Ok i think i may have found the problem, but im not exactly sure if this is it..

    This card is a PCI 2.0

    and going off my specs i have(posted in my original post)

    1.0 (total) / 0.0 (free) x PCI Express x16 - Socket 754,

    Now idk if im reading this right, but it shows a total of 1, then its says 0.0 after. Is there even a PCI slot version of 0.0?

    Or is the version 1.0? And if it is 1.0, doesn't the 2.0 versions work with the 1.0's?
  12. 2.0 should work perfectly fine in 1.0. Could you try the card in your friends PC? It might be dead.
  13. Yeah that was a stupid question lol, i was just really flustered at the moment and i wasn't thinking strait.

    As for the card im pretty sure its fine, its just the damn computer. I cant find out how to get the PC to recognize the new card. When i have the new card in, and it plugged into the mother board it doesn't show any new hardware.

    The monitor i have is a CTR cable, so idk if i need a DVI adapter? But even if that was the case, the computer still wont use the PCI slot instead of the integrated card. And there is nothing in the BIOS to switch it, and simply disabling the on board graphics in the device manager doesn't do anything.

    Its just really confusing because even though my current PC is kinda old, i have NEVER had any problems with it. Its always worked fine until trying to get this new card to work.
  14. Did you check the bios whether primary graphics adapter is set to PCI express?
  15. Well i got it work finally lol.

    Though i had to reformat my computer do to so. I dont know why but whatever state my PC was in before it just wouldn't recognize the card.

    But now my sound doesn't work.

    Thanks for sticking through with all my idiotic comments and questions Sunius lol.
  16. No problems. You reinstalled Windows XP?
  17. Yeah, i had to wipe everything from my PC (didnt have much, just a bunch of games i can re download).

    But now my sound isnt working for some reason

    i made another thread here
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