New case w/4 fans.


We just installed my computer into this new case. My case before was much smaller and had no air flow. All the fans that came with case are not loud at all and work just fine. It seems that my mother board fan is running much louder now. Only 1 of the fans is plugged into the motherboard that I got with the case. Then the processor fan. I did unplug fans to find out where the loud noise was coming from and discovered its the fan on the motherboard. could this be much louder now because my case is more open? I dont even remember it being this loud. Idle its fine but playing games its fast and loud.

This may be confusing because im in a rush. ask any questions and ill respond to the best of my knowledge.

also would having more fans plugged into the motherboard make 1 fan work less then the others?

Im new to this tech stuff so I am sorry in advance
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  1. Your fans will work at the same speed if you plug them all in.

    As for the CPU fan (I'm assuming that's the loud one), maybe the acoustics of the case just make it seem louder, or maybe it is running at a faster speed because your CPU temperatures are getting high, in which case you'll need to apply some more thermal conductivity paste
  2. ok I can take a look at that. Also could this be my psu or gpu? I have a 550ti that came with this connector(image link below). In my old case I was using this connector. My friend that helped me switch cases said I did not need the cable so we used the normal 6pin connector from the psu. Could this cause the psu or gpu fan to run faster?
  3. I have seemed to fix the issue. Not sure why it started doing this. Not sure if plugging in a new fan to the MB will affect the heatsink/fan. I upgraded my bios and it stopped. temps run little higher while playing games. core1/core2 run about 45-50c gaming.

    So why this happened I have no idea
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