I have to reinstall drivers for my 560 ti top every few days

So I got a new computer at the end of April, anyway - the guy at the store we went to built my computer and he put in a 560 ti DirectCU2 Top graphics card in it. Anyway about once a week I need to reinstall the drivers (newest drivers from nvidia website) otherwise I get really bad lag.

For example, in World of Warcraft i generally have 70 to 100 fps, which is great but some days I will log in and I cant even move because I have 1fps (more like .5fps but its lowest is 1) so I'll log out and install the drivers then when I log in again its fine and back to the 70-100 fps range.

I've tried just exiting the game and reopening it and it didn't help, same with restarting the computer - and its not a virus or anything.

Anybody know what this problem is?

Edit: Also - and its happened 3 times since I've gotten my computer - randomly the screen will turn pink and the computer freezes, restarting it fixes the problem though. It hasn't happened in a month but it happened just days after getting my computer.
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  1. Try downloading driver sweeper, then use that to remove all of your remaining nvidia drivers, and then try installing the latest driver again.
  2. What is your power supply unit? Is it a fresh windows install?
  3. Yes, fresh install of windows and its a 620w power supply
  4. What brand of power supply?
  5. Antec Neo eco
  6. Get the latest 304.79 drivers.
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