Intel I7-3770 running HOT! 95C!

My XPS 8500 intel I7-3770 is running quite hot. 95C under stress in two minutes.

Right now under idle conditions, each core varies from 38-40C. Package: 40C right now.

I'm still under warranty for two years. Should I contact dell and tell them it's running quite hot?
Also, is there anything I could do on my end that would help this CPU become a little cooler? Maybe a CPU fan?
Any suggestions for a CPU fan that would fit this case/motherboard/dell XPS 8500 model?

Thanks so much in advance!!!
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  2. baldy fitted heatsink fan, reseat.
  3. 13thmonkey said:
    baldy fitted heatsink fan, reseat.

    This is probably the case, you can either sent it in and wait about two weeks, I don't know if you pay shipping as well.

    Or you can pick up a $9 tube of aftermarket Thermal Paste, such as Arctic Silver 5. Remove the heatsink and wipe the previous paste off, apply some of the AS5 paste and put the heatsink back on.

    This should lower your system temperatures by a significant degree.

    If you don't know how to re-apply thermal paste, there are many good youtube videos that show how to do it. Just type in Intel processor thermal paste, something along those lines. It's pretty straightforward.
  4. the heatsink is deff not on there right or came loose. i would just call them and see what they say unless you want torun out and get new thermal compound and reseat it yourself. might as well get a better heatsink for cheap while your at it
  5. Do you guys know the normal operating temperature for the intel i7-3770 under high load and idle conditions with STOCK fan?

    I'll call dell and see what they say.. :'(
  6. that CPU won't OC, so spending extra on a heatsink won't help, but if you want get an aftermarket heatsink, the Cooler Master Hyper 212 evo is BY FAR the absolute best for the money (I'm talking performance of a $90 cooler for ~$25). Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound (~$5) is what I recommend as well.

    HOWEVER, since it's a purchased system, with a warranty, you should contact Dell and say that it's operating outside of the safe operating temperature range and they should fix it.

    If they wana screw u over, spend the $30 on the parts I mentioned earlier, look on youtube on how to install (plus the cooler will come with decent directions), and do it yourself. it really is not tough to do, and if you even know what the parts are in your PC, you can prly do it just fine.
  7. So dell just replaced my motherboard, rear fan, and heat sink.

    I did a stress test for 4 minutes and I hit a max 80C, but it averages from 67C-74C under a high stress test (intel burn test).

    Is 80C max and 67C-74C fluctuating max temperature under high load okay for an intel I7-3770 processor?
    Idle conditions are 35C-40C.
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