Best 1080p monitor for Nvidia Surround?

A guy at work is looking into complementing his gtx 680 with a triple monitor setup. I have no experience with recommending monitors for eyefinity/surround so I can't really help him with this. His guidelines are:

must have good color production

5ms response time or less

can't cost more than $500
edit: that $500 cost is a per monitor, not the total cost of the 3
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  1. I'd recommend this one :D

    I'ma saving up for it
  2. Something right at your max budget:

    It's IPS so the screen looks a lot better than the Samsung would but it also costs more.
  3. Look at the post dates. This question is no longer relevant to me.
  4. Sorry about that, only saw the previous post was today.

    By the way, what did you end up buying?
  5. The monitor was never for me, it was for a friend. He had just gotten a gtx 680 and was interested in triple monitor gaming. After almost a month, I finally convinced him to get 3 of these
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