3570k or 3770k for build?

Hey guys,

I'm going to build a gaming PC, but I'm stumbled on the processor; I've seen mixed responses. I'm going to be using either a GTX 660ti or a GTX 670 graphics card. For the processor, it's between the 3570k and 3770k. These two because they're both on sale at Microcenter; the 3570k is about $190 and the 3770k is about $230. Is it worth the $40? I know the 3770k is priced the same as if I were to buy the 3570k online.
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  1. For $40 I'd be grabbing the i7. Not many games can use the extra HT cores but the one that can do enjoy a nice boost.
  2. Popatim is correct. Only difference is the hyper threading. 3770k has it, the 3570k doesn't. As far as I know, there are no games that benefit from hyper threading. Mainly applications like Photoshop and CAD see benefits. Along with compressing, decompressing, and video encoding.

    I opted to save the money and went with a 3570k with my build and spent the extra money on a better graphics card.

    Good luck with whatever you choose!
  3. 40 dollar difference, i would go for the 3770k. why not.

    normally i suggest the i5 for gamers, as the only real difference is hyperthreading and games do not take advantage of that.

    hyperthreading is more for production programs. you would see a boost to things like unraring as well.

    personally i find hyperthreading next to useless but for 40 bucks, even i would take the plunge.
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