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I own an acer aspire 5739g. I burned out the gpu and bought a replacement but alot of games do not play right anymore. I think I narrowed the issue down to it dealing with shaders.
Is it possible that the card has them disabled somehow or did I get ripped off buying this card or could there have been more damage when the first card burned ou?
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  1. you can check and see if you download a program called GPU-Z to check how many shaders you have and compare the information given in GPU-Z with the specs on the internet about the card.....I doubt if you had an issue with shaders that the card would even work once the drivers are installed....can you describe your issue so we can figure out whats wrong?
  2. Yes Im sorry for the lack of initial information. Ive just been dealing with this for about 6 months and have contacted nvidia and acer numerous times with no help from either.
    While messing with the laptop a while back I forgot to reapply the thermal pads and ended up damaging the gpu of the first video card. I bought a replacement 130m. It installed fine but games that played fine once before started to stutter to the point of them being unplayable. Some drivers for the 130M would just cause me to boot windows to a black screen but the new beta drivers work fine. I can play older games like Gothic but anything new has become unplayable. Before I burned out the first card I was able to play games like left 4 dead very well.
    I figured it may be a problem with shaders because I thought since I can only play old games I would install morrowind again but when I installed the graphics extender program which uses alot of shaders It would only run the stuff without the need of shaders.
    Im just wondering did I get ripped off with the new card, did shaders become disabled somehow or did I do more damage to the mobo when the first card burned out.
  3. was there any signs of damage in the slot where the gpu plugs into? Its very possible that the card that you got was damaged and never worked right from the beginning.....usually signs of a damaged card are when you try to install drivers it starts to lock up and act weird but when drivers are not installed it works fine....this seems to be the case here if some of your drivers would cause a lock up when booting into windows
  4. No I checked for anything that looked weird but it all looked ok.
  5. hmm yea to me is def sounds like a damaged gpu...I had an older laptop that the gpu got so hot it ended up damaging the core and the only way I could use the laptop was if I didnt install the drivers for it and just ran standard vga (really annoying low res lol)....have you tried different driver versions? also maybe if you search around online and find a vBIOS for the card you could try flashing a new BIOS to the card
  6. Oh and gpu-z has always displayed the card correctly.
  7. I already flashed the newest bios to the card. The newer drivers (beta atleast) seem to be working fine but some of the older ones would cause it to boot to black screen. It sucks if this card is beat too. I paid $150 for it. I dont think its worth the money to chance another purchase since these parts are so old the only place I can goto is ebay.
  8. yea ebay can be scary to buy from you never know what you might get.....so the newest drivers are working fine? the card isnt crashing at all? and did the crashes occur before you flashed the card?
  9. Yeah it was before and after. It was still certain driver versions that cause it to crash. Games still dont work properly. They still stutter.
  10. yea I really think that the card may be damaged.....check GPUZ to ensure that the gpu is clocking up to its full speed and also is the stutter low FPS or decent fps with massive drops every now and then?
  11. Depends on the game. Like Left 4 dead 2 would just be fine then almost grind to a halt. Sideway New York would just grind from the start.
  12. I remembered one other thing today. When I first got the card my mobo bios was saying it was for engineering purposes only and not intended for resale. It stopped saying this when I updated the gpu bios.
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