16x Media in 24x drive?

Hello, I just bought a 24x Light On (Model 24102B) Cd-rw, but, all I have is 16x rated media, what would happen if I tryed to use that media at a 24x recording speed? Would It work? What would happen?
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  1. it probably won't work. www.cdrlabs.com tested differents types of media with that drive
  2. It might work. I use to burn 12x media at 16x did not have problem. Just try a few cd to see if it works.
  3. I agree, trying it would be your best bet. Often media can burn at higher than its rated speed without problems.

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  4. CDRLabs is an awesome source for information on CD drives. Check them out, they'll have a list of what media can burn at what speeds. Most media can go a decent amount over their rated speeds.

    Who knew we would start overclocking CDs?

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