HW Monitor showing high max temp at startup

HW monitor is showing a max temp for CPUTIN and AUXTIN approximately 34C higher than actual when i start HWMonitor. I have tried clearing min/max and uninstalling/reinstalling it, but the problem remains. Any suggestions would be helpful.
CPU Athlon II x3 455 unlocked to Phenom IIx4 B55
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  1. comapare cpu temp in bios if small different it's Ok , sometime confusde about CPUtin, Auxtin, also try compare with other software .. realtemp / aida64 ..
  2. The temps in bios match the actual temps fine. The problem is that the software is immediately showing a max temp for these two fields at 34C higher when the program is started. They also increase as the actual temps rise. So basically it is adding 34C to the max temp. tried realtemp, but it will not run as it doesn't recognize my unlocked processor.
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    unlock core is caused that issue
  4. I know the unlocked core is the reason that realtemp won't run, but are you saying that the unlocked core is causing the issue with HWMonitor?
  5. Real Temp is designed for Intel processors only. Use Core Temp for AMD processors.
  6. so does an unlocked AMD core cause problems with HW Monitor?
  7. yep
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