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I want to connect my desktop computer to my 60 inches HDTV, i got the hdmi cable and there is the hdmi slot on this graphic card.

The problem is i don't have any sound coming out of the tv, it's all on the computer's speaker...
From what i have read, i might be wrong, my card is suppose to be abel to output sound.

But how do i configure it to work so :) I would be thanful, i just got my 30ft hdmi cable to do so -_-' :(
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  1. Did you try unplugging your computer's speakers? :) I don't think you can have multiple audio devices plugged in, or else Windows will choose the default one for you.
  2. Go to control panel, then Hardware and Sound, then under sound click "manage audio devices".

    One of the options should be your TV, right click it and "set as default device"

    Let me know if you have questions or if that worked.
  3. while the hdmi cable is hooked up to the tv, risht click on the volume control on the task bar and select playback devices, from there you can enable\disable the hdmi out or choose to set it as the defaut , 5.1 2.0 etc
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