A 560ti? or two 9800 gts (1gigabyte each) which is better?

Basicly I have a 9800 GT with 1 gig of ddr3 memory (256bit). Now I could purchase another one for about 80 bucks, mabey less, and SLI them... or I could buy a 560 TI with a gig of memory for quite a bit more...

Now with only a gig of memory, Im not sure thats the way to go, people keep telling me that the ddr3 ram is better than the ddr5, also, Im not sure that the numbers would match either, and even if they do, could there be something in the 560 that just is in every way superior, even to linking up two 9800's together?

Obviously card for card the 560 is better, Ive seen a lot of people do very well on it, at least, better than I am doing now. I know I should just go for a 570 or something but I realy dont see my self bridging the cost gap between those two anytime soon, cheaper is better.

I could get that other 9800 basicly now, but the 560 would have to wait a few weeks, and I dont want to spend twice the cash and then some on performance I could achieve for, well, half the cash minus some...

So which would be better a 560ti, or two 9800 GT 1gig?

These are the specs of the card in question

550 MHz Engine Clock
1GB DDR3 Video Memory
1.8 GHz Memory Clock
256-bit Memory Interface

Allthough I should note that I think the memory clock is a bit lower than they have estimated.... but its not bad.

Now like I said, i have no idea if the numbers are the only game here, Also I found a card that looks like it might have something about it, but I cant find reviews for it, so I dont trust it, - this is the card EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Superclocked 2048 MB GDDR5 PCI... but lets assume that im talking about hhe more standard gtx 560 with only a gig of memory...

Thanks for any help.

Also, please, if you dont know the answer, dont guess at it, ive been guessing at this for a very long time now, Im just looking for the answer from someone who knows for sure, no offence at all intended. I see a lot of 'oh, I have this card, its awsome! you should get this one over that one cause its awsome!' Im sure its awsome, but I dont know if its MORE awsome than my questions multiple options might lead, I'm sure some one out there knows the answer but its too specific for me to look at benchmarks. Again, thanks for any help.

I essentialy have no money... now having no money, I might be able to get my hands on SOME money, maabey up to 200 dollars at most. I have a lot of expenses right now for some one with no money and I wont do anything on credit as i wouldent be able to pay it back.

So ive been thinking on this a bit, now in the past, I would just get the best thing I could find, match by price and benchmarks with video cards. Usualy I've come out ontop. Back way in the day in highschool when I had income and no living expenses I went for broke and bought the brand new 6800 ultra (alas, I didnt do the research I should have and in my impatence to get rid of my 9800 pro, I didnt just grab a new motherboard, which was halarious cause I had to buy a new one anyways in a very short amount of time in post to that when I got my amd 4000+ 939 socket cpu (at the time it was seccond best for gaming out of the whole lot of them)).

Now things are more complicated, I skated by on either an 7800 or 7900 gto (the box didnt match the card in it so I cant tell for sure from where I am sitting right now) which had 512 mb ddr memory, which seemed like a good deal and more or less was. Certianly enough to get by for the time being.

Eventualy that card died on me as I learned a valuable lesson about underclocking, (in that you shouldent do it), and after a brainfart and a purchase of a 9400, which for some reason on new egg was listed to have twice the memory and proccessing speeds than it acutaly had and in my rush to have any video card at all, and having allmost no money, made to date the worst purchase of my life (compounded by the fact that for about 5 dollars more a 9600 would have been more than 2 times more powerfull a card and at the very least gotten me within a stones throw of my old 79 or 800 ish card)...

Anyhow after that misrible nightmare, I purchased a 9800 GT which had a gig of video memory for about 85 bucks. I still have that card some 2 - 2 and 1/2 years later.

But alas that card is at the end of the rope concerning new games, and even more so with my new monitor* that I had to get for my work, that dosent pay.

*( i love crts, there realy is no comparison to the cristal sharp tiiiny pixals, potentialy perfect colors and a "contrast ratio" that will never be mached by LCDS since the pixels themselves emit light, thus a dark room is ACTUALY dark, and allmost no mesurable lag (and by no, I mean less than a milliseccond, quite a bit less), but alas they are near impossible to find anymore and ones that can push high resolutions and in widescreen are astranomicaly expensive)
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  1. a 560 ti is gonna be the better buy on this. Vram doesn't pool in SLI... So its better to get the card that has more vram
  2. Not to mention the 560ti will allow to play in DX11.

    I think best buy is still selling the PNY 560ti for $150 in store. It was on sale this weekend for that price. Probably the best deal you can get an 560ti new in box. Not my preferred board partner but the price is enticing.
  3. well, I couldn't find any synthetic benchmarks for 9800gt sli vs gtx560 ti so I am going to have to make an educated assumption(I know you mentioned you don't want assumptions but its the only way I can go in this case I don't mean to brag but I am known for making good assumptions)

    Now the gtx560 ti was a huge boost from my gts250 sli which is quite a bit better than the 9800gt sli. 9800gt doesn't scale nearly as well as the 9800gtx(Same as the gts250). (50-90% performance difference) http://www.tbreak.com/reviews/article.php?cat=grfx&id=636&pagenumber=3

    So, I will make the pros and cons of getting each gpus-

    gtx560 ti


    dx11 support

    Should definitely perform at least 2x 9800gt sli

    Quieter and cooler solution

    Consumes way less power than the 9800gt sli, so at the end of day, you save $$ on electricity.


    More expensive



    Will get the job done for you, you'd be able to play games at mid-high settings.

    Save you some money.


    More heat

    Sli issues and noise

    consumes way more power.

    You haven't mentioned the rest of your system (mobo, cpu, psu etc.) You have to make sure your system doesn't bottleneck either of the gpus.
  4. 560-Ti
  5. thanks for the respons, I think in the end Im going to get that 2 gig 560, found some reviews for it, 2 gigs of video ram for about 180 bucks with an overclocked core seems like a good deal to me.
  6. yea but you can't always think like that. You have to get a even balanced card. Having a 2GB of vram is a win but if the card its self can't handle that game at that high of a settings.. then its still gonna be bad fps
  7. wse_jack said:
    thanks for the respons, I think in the end Im going to get that 2 gig 560, found some reviews for it, 2 gigs of video ram for about 180 bucks with an overclocked core seems like a good deal to me.

    very sound move....
  8. @ 1080p or lower I feel a 1GB card is fine so with that being said I would have gone with something a little stronger.
    at least the Ti model..

    but it's not that bad of a deal and a solid selection.
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