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I had just upgraded to a 7850. This would be my second AMD card, the first one being a defective. When I booted it up and installed CCC, rebooted, and started up again, my desktop seemed very blurry. I have been searching all evening on google for a solution, but none of them has worked. I've tried turning the sharpness to 0%, I can't even find the "pixel mapping" selection, even though many articles have mentioned them as a solution and one of them have even been voted as best answer!
Please help me as I have not tried to start up any game and won't do so until I get this issue resolved. (even though I really want to play Battlefield 3!) What's the use of a kickass graphics card if everything but the game looks so bad?
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  1. did you clean out your divers before installing new drivers?
  2. did you download the latest drivers or just the one from the disk and what resolution is your monitor
  3. @dudewitbow Yes
    @Devilofdeaths I downloaded the drivers from the internet
  4. which catalyst version are you currently running
  5. good now whats your monitor resolution
  6. oh sorry it is 1680 x 1050
  7. are you using a vga or hdmi cable

    edit: or dvi

    also which 7850 is it

    and one final thing, take a screenshot of your desktop so we can see the blur
  8. vga and it's the gigabyte version
    had a 560 Ti before, no problems
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    attempting to google the problem, not much probalems similar to yours. i would normally recommend wiping drivers, reset, install an older driver(or beta driver) reset and try again but a blurry screen has to mean something is wrong. Im trying to find out if its hardware or software based.

    If you had a 560ti before, are you sure you deleted all the nvidia drivers? switching from one side to the others without perfect clearance can cause driver problems.
  10. I'll try and reinstall ^_^I use uninstaller pro that finds the root files deep in the computer ( which I cannot remember all the numbers and letters of the folder) and deletes it
  11. The uninstaller didn't delete all the files since my resolution is still 1680 x 1050. What's a good driver deleter? (for lack of a better term)
  12. most people use driver sweeper
  13. Downloading it now
    rebooted and I found some NVIDIA stuff on there too so I'll go ahead and delete those too
    I'm trying to delete it but when it tells be to reboot, i do, and it's still there
  14. The beta driver fixed it to an extent that I can barely see it thanks!
  15. well now we know it was a driver related issue with your card. at least it came out much better, hope you enjoy gaming.
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  17. Thanks for all the help! Now my nonexistent OCD can go to rest :)
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