CPU spike issues! Help needed!?

Hi guys,

I am new to the site and have been digging around the net for the last few weeks to find a solution to my problem. Let me explain in more detail.

My system had a PSU blow-out about 4 months ago, it was a decent PSU so it saved all my other hardware from going down the toilet. Anyway, since then I got a new PSU, same wattage as my last one but a little better in quality. I put everything back together and reinstalled a new OS just for safe measure.

THE PROBLEM: When I watch movies, play music, games or view videos on YouTube I get these tiny spikes in my CPU usage that slow the system down for about 4 seconds. It distorts the audio/video/gaming feed and then catches up with its self again.

First I thought it was a bad version of flash, so I used an older version and the problem remained. I tried different browsers also just in case it was a software error, problem remains. I then thought that my HDD may have taken damage from ESD so I took that drive out and used a brand new one with another new OS, problem still there! I then put some new coolant and a new heat-sink on the CPU, that didn't work either. I checked my RAM to make sure that everything was running on the same frequency and it's all the same frequency. I also ran memtest86 and there was no problems with the RAM.

So I have kind of narrowed it down a little, weird thing is I used Prime95 on the CPU for over an hour and it didn't find any faults, but when I look at Task manager of all things, it's the CPU that is spiking!

I have updated every driver, flashed my bios, used different OS's just in case. I am out of ideas!

Any help would be appreciated!?

One more note, when I am monitoring the core speed on CPUz it jumps between 1600Mhz to 2400MHz in a split second. Don't know if that means anything.

CPU: Intel Core Duo E6600 @2.4GHz
Motherboard: Asus P5E x38 Chipset
RAM: 4Gb Micron Technology PC2-6400 400Mhz
Graphics: nvidia 8800GTS 320Mbps
PSU: Enermax Triathlor FC 650w
Audio: Soundblaster 24bit HD
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  1. What process is spiking the cpu?

    I remember I had the same thing...turned out to be Mcaffee internet security (some special add on anti phising filter)...uninstalled it.
  2. Tiny Spikes?

    How much of your CPU usage does take place in these spikes.

    CPU usage of 20-30 percent during application use and 50-60 percent during heavy application use is normal.

    I have Intel core 2 and usage spikes are normal when I use chrome browser, and CPU is always used 100% during video conversion.

    Earlier even I used to track CPU usage frequently but now I bother less about it!
  3. My computer sits at around 2 to 3% when I am browsing and 15% if I am playing a video. When I am watching a video or playing audio it randomly jumps up to 60% for a few seconds then drops again, it does it several times throughout songs or videos. It freezes/slows down audio/video for a few seconds and it sounds like slow motion.
  4. Hmmm.... I think may be a problem with video playback codecs, although I am not sure.

    I use KLM Media CODECS and VLC PLAYER to play my videos. Sometimes while playing 720p videos CPU usage does go up to 50%, but no problem with video playback.

    Also does this problem occur with every video you play or just a few HQ videos?
  5. Every video, every audio, offline and online, I use VLC for video also. Do you think it could relate to a damaged processor?
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