GTX 680 cheap one with new liquid cooler??

So i got to thinking..... Can i buy the cheapest GTX 680 card and slap one of those new ARCTIC COOLING Accelero Hybrid Fluid Dynamic VGA Coolers and OC it? Or should i buy a 550$ card and do it? If spending more money on one and putting the cooler on it give me the same performance as the cheap one? I have not been able to see anyone that has done this yet or talking about it. Any ideas??

Looking to spend the less amount of money and use that new cooler and still OC it like it was a 600$ card. :hello: ????
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  1. Well coming from a GTX 480 that pretty much HEATS my room i figured that doing that will kinda make things cooler. Doing a water cooling card I'm sure will even cost me more after all the parts and water block. Be nice to see if a website out there has done this yet and OC it with one on it. If not i will ! someone send me a card and cooler! :D
  2. Cool thanks for the post Mack!
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