Good GPU to "Step-Up" to?

My current system is:

AMD Phenom II 720x4 @3.4ghz - can't go any higher with 4 cores, haven't tried with 3.
6GB DDR2 (4GB1066, 2GB 800) @800
Nvidia GTX480
750w Corsair PSU

I kind of bought the 480 because it was only $200. It does run hot though, and is a bit noisy at times, so I plan to do EVGA's step up to a different video card. It's a new card, so I have like 70 days left before I have to do it. I'm thinking a 660ti when they release, but I want to make sure it's a good idea.

I've heard mixed reports about my CPU bottlenecking a good video card, and others saying it's fine. I went from a 4890 to the 480 and saw a significant difference.

Probably my biggest concern is that the 660ti will probably be in the $300 range so I'll have to fork up $100 plus shipping for the difference. I'm not sure if that will be worth it if I'll be bottlenecking.

There is no doubt that I want a different vid card though. After a long gaming session, having my computer blowing is like having the heater on. I don't want to lose any performance though with a step up.

I also don't plan to buy any other parts for my computer at least until next year when Haswell is released.

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  1. 660ti would be a good option but to see a noticeable difference you would need 670. (predicting the performance of the 660 being around 570)
  2. I don't care to have improvement over the 480, other than the noise and temperature.
  3. It it were me I'd ask for a refund instead and get a 7850 for $220 which is little bit faster than the 480 and produces way less heat and is alot quieter.

    That cpu will do fine even with a 7970-GTX680 unless you play at a lowish resolution (like 1360x768 or so), 1080p and above will be fine, the higher the res the less cpu dependant it'll be.
  4. I can only do an exchange, no return.
  5. In that case either wait for the 660ti or exchange for a GTX570 (you'll have to fork out about $50 more though). Both should run quite a bit cooler and quieter than the 480.

    I'd say 660ti if you can wait.

    $230 for this one. I bought the 480 from Tiger direct, so I could exchange for it.

    Do you recommend a 7850 for $230 over a 660ti for probably $300?
  7. The 660ti ain't even out yet so can't know for sure how it compares, but the 7850 is pretty good on it's own for the price, totally worth it over a 480.
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