Crossfire these cards ?

hows a Sapphire 7770Ghz Oc Edition crossfired with a Sapphire 7950 OC Edition V2 sound i have the 7770 but wouldnt depart from it for less then $130 and thats a tough nut to sell at that price so since i cant sell it and thinkin of getting a 7950 because i dnt got enough for a 670 and even thou 660 and 660ti would come out nxt month im sure a 7950 would have more performanc then a 660ti especially if its crossfired with a 7770 so would it work and what would the performance be like
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  1. no it won't work ?

    77xx series with 77xx series

    78xx series with 78xx series

    79xx series with 79xx series
  2. then how dose it work with nivida then ? with u can use any gpu with a newer gpu in sli
  3. i mean any nivida 5000 - 600 series
  4. nope same thing

    GTX 460 with 460

    GTX 560 with 560

    GTX 670 with 670
  5. Nivida gpus have to be the same for sli.

    gtx 670 with gtx 670 sli etc.
  6. so then what can it do in my system if i get a 7950 i know nivida has physix so u can use a lower card to be a dedicated physix card but i know amd dnt have physix so what can it do if its just sittin in my system or is it gunna be a brick that wont do nothing
  7. phyx isn't really a selling point for me as not many games use it ?
  8. i know physix is outta the question i was using that as a example i know that would be the situation if i used a low end nivida card and a high end nivida card but what about amd whats can u do with a low end amd card and a high end amd card for gaming
  9. nothing really ?
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