Power Up Computer, Fans Spins thne Stops

I recently bought a hard drive and was installing it. Plugged it all in and turned on the computer. The fans spin for a second or two, then stop and the tower power light goes from white to orange, then no light. After another second, the whole process repeats. I have a Dell Studio XPS 8100 if that matters.
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  1. When you say you bought a new hard drive, did you replace the old one or just add it?
  2. Have you checked that you didn't accidentally unplug one of the cables inside? Also try removing the hard drive and turning it on to see if its the hard drive causing it.
  3. I was replacing a old hard drive with a brand new one. I did some more double checking, and one of my memory sticks wasn't fully slotted in. Popped into place and now the computer runs and was able to install the new HDD. Thanks everyone!
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