Seasonic 650 watt x series gold is it dead?

new build all complete and bam no power from PSU.All i hear is a super low pitch wine and very very soft beeping noise.You have to get your ear right next to the power supply to hear the very very soft whine and soft beeps.

Is it dead?thought i would ask the pros.

real bummed at this point.
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  1. Are you sure its your PSU? None of the case fans spin up, no hard drives noises, nothing?
  2. SYSTEM SPEAKER installed ?

    Is it that beeping ?

    All the best Brett :)
  3. Nothing zilch.
  4. SUPER low beeps and whine if ear is next to PSU.
  5. Interesting, do you have a spare PSU from another system you can use to see if your system boots?
  6. Not presently,don't want to risk touching my brothers rig.He's laughing saying it's a junk psu.
  7. He said to go corsair.
  8. Tell him he's an idiot. Seasonic make basically all of Corsairs high end PSU's.
  9. Here's a but of info for your brother Seasonic actually makes many of Corsair's power supplies. Seasonic is one of the best brands in power supplies. But it is still possible its DOA but without further info I wouldn't jump to conclusions. What are the rest of the system specs? Have you tried it outside of the case? Have you double checked everything is properly connected?
  10. I'm very disappointed...have to save for a new psu i guess...can i test it all the wires are black for some reason.
  11. ASROCK extreme 4 z77
    gskill ram 1600 16 gigs
    noctua dh14
    hd6850 < my old card saving for new
    2 - 128gb samsung 840 pros
  12. Why buy another yours has a 7 year warranty if it its bad have them replace it.
  13. I gave my cousin my old hp computer,now im bummin.
  14. how long does an RMA take
  15. He told me fully modular was a bad idea,is it?
  16. Assemble the system outside the case, on the motherboard box or big anti static bag. Only use 1 stick of ram and the Intel graphics.
  17. Fully modular is just fine. He is an idiot.
  18. ok i'll try that,i'll check back soon thanks for helping.
  19. Quickest way to test a PSU

    1) Remove it from the case
    2) Take it to a socket away from the PC, but don't plug it in
    3) Run a wire from the green cord to a black cord inside the ATX connector
    4) Plug it in

    If the PSU is working, the fans will kick in.
  20. It was the board,now i'm back in business.Thanks to all who helped.
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