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I have overclocked my 3570k but my issue is that i am using a asrock z68 pro3 gen3 motherboard and i dont seem to have Load line calibration, nor do i have manual voltage control. What i have done is simply set the multiplier to 44 and set offset voltage control to +100. I have a stable overclock but its hitting 1.35v under load. Is the way i have overclocked the cpu fine? Is the max voltage ok? I have left all c states on and speedstep on so its not a constant 1.35v.
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  1. I should probably add that if i disable speedstep and all c states the voltage drops to 1.27 and appears stable. But thats a constant 1.27, whereas the 1.35 is max at full load and gaming. Which would be better, constant 1.27 or a 1.35 max?
  2. anyone know about cpu voltages here, or should i be asking in a different forum like overclockers?
  3. Perhaps you should have posted your question in the correct forum.
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