Have an old 6 year workhorse with an Athlon 64 X2 5000 @ 2.6 on a 7327 MSI motherboard. Motherboard is going - several bloated capacitors are bloated and at boot BIOS hangs. Dilemma - can buy a new motherboard for about $65 or go to an AMD A6 5400 with BioStar Hi-Fi A85S3 motherboard for about $102. But nagging questions - probably need new memory and will the 300 w power supply handle the CPU and board.
Machine is only used for Word, Excel and Internet
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  1. That would be a waste of $65 to keep such an old architecture going.

    If you're refitting it with an A6 the power supply will be more than adequate. Replacing both the CPU and motherboard is a good idea given the machine is over 6 years old.

    And you *will need new memory as the AMD A6 uses DDR3.
  2. selling the old 5000+ just might make up the price difference too.
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