Optimum Placement of h80 in Z11 plus case

I am doing a new build on my computer using the Zalman Z11 Plus for the case. Gonna be using the corsair h80 cpu cooler on the i5 3570k Ivy. My question is where should i put the radiator, I am planning on using it as an intake for maximum cold air flow.
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  1. After Thinking about it i may have answered my own question. The bottom external bay which is supposed to be for a 3.5 can be used for a 5.25. Taking this into account and the fact i am only using one 5.25 drive in this build I am going to mount the rad in the slots above it as another intake, using the screens from the bay covers as filters. If anyone has tried this already and has any thoughts and ideas or comments please let me know. Thanks in advance, The Master of Mischief, Lil Loki

    Hopefully i can still mount a fan in the upper slot with this placement.
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