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Hello community,
Long time reader, first time poster. I've built my first rig this summer Ill list the components below. Im just about done with it but i need a GPU before i go back to college. I've been looking at the 6900 series then up to 7950, now im fine with buying a 7970, then doing crossfire in a few months or by nxt year. I also plan to buy a 120hz monitor so want to be able to display the proper amount of frames. From Newegg what is the better brand/build of the 7970s currently? and how could i tell for the future. I was trying to use the Core clock speed and Effective Memory Clock and reviews, but i read here tht its more important how the components work together and what not. im not impartial to go going with a gtx 670 either so gimmie some feed back please.

Antec Lanboy tower
AMD FX-4170 Zambezi 4.2GHz
Crosshair Formula V mobo
G.SKILL Sniper Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 2133
hdd western 500
an old nivida 9500 series until i upgrade

-Brandon T
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  1. Best 7970's I have used or benched;

    MSI twinfrozr III
    Sapphire Toxic edition.
    MSI lightning (if you are not into extreme clocking then this card is just overpriced and overkill but it lives up to its title)
    Gigabyte Windforce (don't like blue pcb's but thats largly cosmetics)
    Asus Direct CU
  2. It depends if you want a factory overclocked card (often with a custom cooler) or a stock AMD rebranded card.

    If you're going for a factory overclocked card its worth looking at different reviews etc.

    Otherwise the stock cards are pretty much all the same. Just weigh up the different warranties and prices.
  3. Having a ROG setup myself the ASUS Direct CUIII cards will be perfect aesthetically speaking and the cooling solution is really good, once you have Asoooos there is no going back :P
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