Just switched from NVIDIA to ATI GPU will i have any driver conflicts?

Hey guys,

I just replaced an NVIDIA 8800GTS with an ATI HD7770 GPU. after i uninstalled the nvidia drivers i used driver fusion to check to see if there were any leftovers. the only thing driverfusion found were registry keys left over so naturally i got driver fusion to delete them and restarted the computer. after restarting the computer i checked again and the registry keys are still there. i even tried deleting them in safe mode but still driver fusion detects them

do you think these registry keys will cause any problems with the ATI drivers?

PS: i was able to get rid of all traces of the PysiX drivers.
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  1. if it regenerates, then it probably wont effect it much,(or at all) but who knows, you wont know until you try the 7770
  2. well so far so good. no problems after restarting after installing the driver and played a video at 1080p and no issues. i just have to try a game now
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